teething bites.

hopefully this will make up for missing the last two foto fridays.

after i took the pacifier out of his mouth. i’m really trying to break him of that thing, and only let him have them for going to sleep (though i keep them onhand for public outings) – he spits them out as soon as he is asleep.


and here he is with two. he finds them everywhere!


splish splashing in the best bath tub ever. rudder thinks it’s a pool.


and a few from our trip to fairbanks.


oh, i’m sorry, is this not how i’m supposed to drive?


at dad’s digs in fairbanks watching cartoons and eating breakfast.


i can’t believe this beautiful little creature is my kid.

he’s getting more fun to play with and read to.

and even eat with. tonight we went to hula hands with cousins danielle and jessica and my aunt and uncle from palmer. our entertainment was watching him slurp up noodles.


but i can’t help but like him most when he is sleeping!

which he isn’t too shabby at, he just really sucks at the going to sleep part.

he’s a fighter.

especially lately. i’m blaming it on the teething – he has two top teeth (for a total of 6!) about to push through the gums. he is just so irritable when going to sleep.

i’m sure the two neighborhood drummers aren’t helping – though i am grateful they seem to practice at the same time.

and i am grateful he is getting his teeth in groups!

it could be much worse.

’til then.


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