i actually finished something.

looks like i’m on a roll for skipped fridays!

oh well. we’ve been busy.

and rudder had roseola for a few days. for his first big illness, it wasn’t too bad. he slept lots. drank his liquids. and it was done and over.

we house sat last weekend and didn’t play much on the computer.

we took a road trip to fairbanks – and are here currently. and it’s fall here.


it’s super hard to get on the computer with rudder around.

not that he demands my attention – luckily he demands it less and less – but he wants to be on the computer with me.

and mostly to just smash the keys and delete stuff.

and turn the power button on and off – it is the only lit up button, so i totally get it.

but it’s annoying.

i’m thinking about making his own computer account so he can smash away and he won’t delete my stuff on my desktop, though that doesn’t solve the power button issue.

on the way to fairbanks we stopped in wasilla and grabbed coffee with one of my oldest friends sally mae. i hadn’t seen her in about ten years.

it was so great to see her and her sister and i got to meet little taylor rain – sally’s 9 month old daughter.


and last week rudder got to have a little tea party with little ms. sydney. it was hilarious just watching them play. and rudder cheese it up for stephanie.



anyway – he’s one in SIX days. crazy.

and sydney is two shortly after. crazy.

i finished a little old man cardigan for him. i knit him one before he was born, but never put the buttons on it so during the move, it ended up in the trash. they are super easy, so it wasn’t hard to part with. hopefully i will have a photo up soon. right now it’s blocking.

oh, the best stretchy bind off ever. ever. ever.

elizabeth zimmerman’s sewn bind off.

i would actually use it for any stretchy project. top down hat, toe up sock, mitten cuff, etc.

i will tell you why i used it in the post about the cardigan – if i ever get to it.

until then, i’m enjoying my time in fairbanks. with my dudes.


little dude trying to catch leaves.

’til then.


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