he’s sophisticated.

yesterday was a beautiful fall day.

so i put rudder’s new cardigan on him and we took a walk.

the hotel we are at (where b’s office is) is right near Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.

when we were here a few weeks ago, there were canadian geese and sandhill cranes covering the fields.

a few days ago, we saw two or three cranes.

yesterday there were no migratory birds to be seen.


he’s very close to walking. he does a really funny wide leg shuffle.


how ’bout them fall colors, eh?

and it was high 60s. and today maybe 50.

it’s supposed to be mixed snow and rain on sunday, so we are planning to drive back to anchorage on saturday morning.


there are many trails around these fields, but we decided to wander the boreal forest for a few photos. the trees look like they go on for miles and miles, but they don’t. this forest is haunting when walking through at dusk.


hey mom, have you seen these crunchy brown leaves and this grass?  it’s so amazing!


ok mom.  are we done with the photoshoot?  pretty tired here.


oh, but we are home and dad’s here. i’ll wake up now.


’til then.


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