the best birthday so far.

my little fishy is ONE!

we celebrated rudder’s birthday two days early since he and i decided to leave fairbanks on saturday.

we heard a rumor that there would be mixed snow and rain on sunday.

i don’t think it happened, but i wasn’t taking any chances.

we drove to chena hotsprings so the little guy can do his favorite thing ever – go swimming!!

on the way there we stopped at a little cafe/house and had some sushi and seaweed salad.

rudder loves seaweed salad!!!

the sushi was pretty good considering the appearance and location of the little restaurant.

some photos of our day:

he is so happy in water! and sometimes dangerous!




after i washed the stinky hotsprings water out of my hair, i found the boys swinging.


rudder discovered he likes to slide and will go down all by himself. it is hilarious.

he gets all excited then scoots with his butt until he is flying down.

sorry the picture is a little blurry.


and we did some teeter tottering. on a weird teeter totter. i hate them.

have hated them since i was a kid.

buku made me.


and he likes being upside down. what kid doesn’t?


we had planned to pull over at a campground to have a little picnic celebration, but it was a little too cold.

so we had cake and presents at home, after naps.

the birthday boy was so exhausted from swimming that he took at 2.5 hour nap and i eventually woke him up for dinner and celebration.

jumbo lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles that rudder picked out at the grocery store.


the progression from clean and happy to super dirty and super happy:





and presents!

he got a handmade yoda shirt that jasmine and ski got for him off of etsy. very very very cool.


and he got goodies from corinne and dre.

his very own mini garden gnome, a few books, and a really cool mushroom and hedgehog bib.


and we got him a lace-’em- up dragon. he had played with one a few months ago and loves it.



he almost gets it. he can thread it, but doesn’t know to pull it out of the other side yet.

and then the sugar kicked in. and he danced danced danced his ass off around the coffee table.

and then took a nice hard crash – they don’t call him crash jr. for nothing!

and then we made it home on saturday and found a package waiting for us from aunt ashley and uncle joe!



the totally awesome sweater vest that rudder is wearing was hand knit by stephanie. it’s a little big on the little pipsqueak, but he still looks super cute in it.

we also celebrated on his real birthday with brian, stephanie, and sydney yesterday. he got a fake remote (yay!), a set of play keys with sounds (he hasn’t put them down during his awake hours), and his very own beach bucket with little animal squirters.

thanks everyone for all the presents.

rudder loves them all.

’til then.


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