goodbye again ak.

And we are off on our latest adventure.

We survived two Canadian territories and two borders and have already landed in Washington after driving two nights straight.
It was hell. Only because it is super exhausting and all Canada has to offer in food is old Dutch chips, smarties (both yummy!), horrible coffee, and subway(which is repulsive anywhere). Subway has become too complicated and way to stingy with the veggies. And don’t get me started on their bread. I liked it when it was simple and tasted like a real sandwich. Not all slimy and sour tasting.

I only ran over one deer carcass and almost a moose carcass head hanging out in the lane. It was dark. I’m lucky I have cat-like reflexes and dodged that sucker as the head alone was bigger than the entire deer carcass.

Fall has not quite finished in the Yukon or British Columbia. Leaves are still on and there is no snow on the ground. There is always snow on the ground and numerous storms whenever we drive through. I drove through one localized snow storm the first night at 4am, but there wasn’t much accumulation so the road wasn’t slick at all. I get more worried about the truckers blowing snow around when you pass them.

Luckily the weather was great – really beautiful today as we drove the windy road through hells gate and onto the border. I’ve only driven that part at night (which is white knuckle driving in any weather) and I highly recommend it in the daylight. It really is breathtaking.

We drove through kluane at night. I was bummed because it is a really beautiful area full of big wildlife.

So rudder gets to add the Yukon and Washington state to his travelogue! He really is an amazing little traveller. He was definitely in way better spirits than I was yesterday. Mostly because he gets to sleep in his carseat whenever he wants. I was definitely lacking in the sleep department.

Tomorrow we are southbound to Reno to visit my high school bbbbbff amber via Oregon and northern California.

’til then.


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