i’m alissa.

i’ve spent most of my life in alaska.  i like to sail and knit, preferably at the same time.

add in buku (and my bright, shiny offspring), and i’m in heaven.

we have a son born september 25, 2010.

he is the cutest human being you will ever see.  all parents say this about their kid, but seriously.

i’m not exaggerating.

look at that face.

two beautiful humans right there.

i am a land surveyor and part-time sunbather.

i like yoga, swimming, and vegetables.

we spend our days between alaska and the caribbean, but are working on having the caribbean become our more permanent residence.

when in the caribbean, we live aboard our 35′ sailboat “willow” and have fittingly named our son rudder.

i like the ocean,  and while i’ve always had a hard time answering the question “would you rather live in the mountains or near the ocean?” – i have found that i now answer- quite easily – the ocean!!  i would rather live on my boat than anywhere – preferable in the warm water for diving and bathing, but after almost 6 months land lubbing, i’d rather be on my boat in the cold too.

i like things simple.  i like to make stuff.  i like to learn.

and i will do my best to not let this turn into a baby blog!  🙂


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