foto friday.

today we are celebrating rudder’s birthday in fairbanks.

it is supposed to be mixed rain and snow on sunday (his real birthday) so i want to drive down to anchorage tomorrow.

i’m not ready to drive in the snow.  or even see it.

though i know it’s inevitable.

i’ll post bday photos soon.

at the playground, ya know?

before buku’s race.

we are very happy to not be participating!

’til then.


foto friday.

this week we drove and visited ava in homer.

we met ava this past winter in st. croix.

and we LOVE her.

we wouldn’t drive all the way down to homer for just anybody!


rudder definitely has a crush. though i think the feeling is pretty mutual.

we ended up going to seldovia for a day.

and it was beautiful. and we saw whales. up close.

i will leave you with a few pics and post more later.





ava goes back to maine next week. we already miss her.

’til then.

teething bites.

hopefully this will make up for missing the last two foto fridays.

after i took the pacifier out of his mouth. i’m really trying to break him of that thing, and only let him have them for going to sleep (though i keep them onhand for public outings) – he spits them out as soon as he is asleep.


and here he is with two. he finds them everywhere!


splish splashing in the best bath tub ever. rudder thinks it’s a pool.


and a few from our trip to fairbanks.


oh, i’m sorry, is this not how i’m supposed to drive?


at dad’s digs in fairbanks watching cartoons and eating breakfast.


i can’t believe this beautiful little creature is my kid.

he’s getting more fun to play with and read to.

and even eat with. tonight we went to hula hands with cousins danielle and jessica and my aunt and uncle from palmer. our entertainment was watching him slurp up noodles.


but i can’t help but like him most when he is sleeping!

which he isn’t too shabby at, he just really sucks at the going to sleep part.

he’s a fighter.

especially lately. i’m blaming it on the teething – he has two top teeth (for a total of 6!) about to push through the gums. he is just so irritable when going to sleep.

i’m sure the two neighborhood drummers aren’t helping – though i am grateful they seem to practice at the same time.

and i am grateful he is getting his teeth in groups!

it could be much worse.

’til then.

foto friday.

Sorry I missed last weeks foto Friday.
I had better things to do.
Sugar daddy took a week off and spent it with fishy and I in anchorage.

The little fish turned 11 months yesterday!
Hard to believe he’s almost one. So crazy.
The first few months dragged on and on, but a far as his development into a miniature human, the last few months have really flown by.
And luckily the teething hasn’t been too bad.

And I guess there will be no foto in this post.

I’m posting from my iPod and it keeps crashing every time I try to attach a photo.

Sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

And I’m knitting something so will hopefully have a post about that soon.

’til then.

foto friday.

today we flew the milkrun (our only option) from wrangell to anchorage via petersburg and juneau.

and my son was a rockstar.

for the airlines being such a horrible experience, he does really great.

he never fussed at all today.

and i realized how nice it is to travel within alaska on alaska airlines. no problems with baggage (you can check three in-state and i had my neighbor check some fish for me since when you travel with a baby, you have lots of crap!), you don’t get raped by tsa in your hometown, no long security lines… much more pleasant experience than my last!

i don’t have any pictures of flying today, but i do have some of rudder doing the dishes!


’til then.

foto friday.

we can’t wait to get back to this:


bathing in the ocean.


hanging on the beach in f’sted.


rides in auntie bda’s jeep.


watching the floaties in the water.


chillin’ with other liveaboards.




chillin’ at the kiteboard shop in the stroller.


hot chicks.


hula hoopin’ with dad.


getting rocked to sleep by the boat in the airchair.


’til then.

foto friday.

another day of southeast ak bone chilling rain.

it’s been raining for weeks. it poured hard all day.

but we kept busy.

bearfest is this weekend so smokey made an appearance at the library.


we usually go to the library every friday anyway for “read with a ranger” a US forest service summer reading program.

little smokey didn’t know what to think of big smokey. he was a little scared and couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.


he discovered puzzles. and did the total opposite and made sure the pieces were out of the puzzle, not in.

and he woke up a little grumpy from a nap. i think because he was awake and had time to make this mess before i heard him yelling for me. i think he even ate a little kleenex.



and then we went to family swim tonight.

we have been swimming about every other day for fun and then i’ve been doing lap swim in between those days.

he loves it. he was getting cold fast, but i recently discovered it was his disposable diaper that was making him cold. the last few time i’ve brought him in a cloth diaper and he doesn’t start to shiver until at least 40 minutes.


he can use his cheeks as flotation devices.

it’s pretty fun. we chase balls and rubber blocks around, do lots of splashing, and practice our dunking, kicking, and floating skills.

tonight uncle ethan came with us after coming home on a float plane. he is scruffy from spending all week in the field getting rained on.


’til then.