on the last days of 2011.

This is what we have been doing.



oh yeah.

oh yeah.

that hat i made rudder.

it’s kind of annoying because he is becoming so much more aware of his environment. he now knows how to take off hats – especially if they are not lashed to his head with velcro or a shock cord.

i checked out a few knitting books at the library weeks ago.

one being “beanie babies” by amanda keeys.

the other “special knits” by debbie bliss.

they are both awesome and have the cutest patterns.

they have both been renewed once (4 weeks total).

and they are both currently overdue.

the hat design is out of “beanie babies”.

i was going to do the ‘pompom bear’ pattern, but i don’t have my pom pom makers here and i was feeling lazy.

so i did the base of the ‘pompom bear’ hat, but made ‘ears’ like the ‘flour sack’ beanie in the book. they aren’t supposed to be ears, but they look like ears.

and they are super cute.

and that’s why he looks like a girl in it. non-girly colors, but still sorta looks like a girl.

disclaimer: the following pictures were taken by his nana while he was in the care of his nana. i would never let Otso get away with making my little baby cry like this. 🙂

2011-07-06 14.24.03.jpg

2011-07-06 14.24.05.jpg

2011-07-06 14.24.09.jpg

2011-07-06 14.23.55.jpg

2011-07-06 14.23.51.jpg

oh yeah, check out the 1980s/90s stroller. nice, eh? i’m borrowing it from a guy whose grandkids are almost grown.

oh yeah, i’m not a huge fan of knitting books – i hate buying a book for 20 bucks (or more) with only one good pattern in it, but if you are looking for awesome and mostly easy, baby/toddler/kid gifts to knit up, i highly recommend either of these books.

i really need to just buy them so i can finally return them to the library.

if you go to the debbie bliss link above, you will see that it is temporarily out of stock on amazon.

it’s that good.

oh yeah, and how awesome are libraries?

’til then.

road trip hats.

i find that i get engrossed in something for awhile and then can just drop it. i really do have a good excuse for not crocheting or knitting in some time.

well, excuses. knitting kills my right wrist and i need/want it for yoga right now. i have no yarn here. i haven’t done much knitting on the boat because it’s too hot and sticky to play with wool or even acrylic or cotton. i have an eight month old child and must choose my free time activities wisely – reading, eating, hanging out with the fam and showering have been top priorities.

my bff and another friend road tripped to homer, ak from maine last month.

bda (my bff – aka britta) was in kasilof last summer and worked at a fishing lodge. she thought she wanted to go to ak (homer) and give her a chance to redeem herself after last years summer of rain. i believe she is headed back to stx as i type.

she met a boy.

she was accompanied by the lovely ava (hails from maine) and two dogs – little tiny zoie and a rambunctious one year old dog from puerto rico – piko. ava (and piko) remains in homer and is working at the local sushi joint.

i crocheted both of them hippie hats and told them they will fit right when wearing their xtra tuffs at music festivals. .


i didn’t get pictures of either of them modelling them. and ava has since misplaced hers (i made hers out of the green sparkly yarn that makes up the flower of the hat above). boo.

but i did get the cutest little model to try bda’s on. it looks much better on a real sized head!


’til then.

p.s. lion brand cotton ease yarn kinda sucks. i ran across at least 3 knots that were there to tie the yarn together. one segment was around 14 inches. annnoying!

he does tricks!

i had to share these two photos (they are hilarious) and this one project.

rudder just started using teething toys, but apparently sometimes he doesn’t know what to do with them.

this is what happened when i turned my back.  he was just sitting there acting like nothing was wrong.

and then i started laughing hysterically, so did he.  i almost didn’t get a picture in time.


i can’t believe how much he makes me laugh.

on our drive from the southwest to north carolina (where we are outfitting the new boat), i quickly knit this hat for the little fish.  he needed a new one as his brain is getting big fast!


behind him is another hat that i knit before he was born.  it’s almost too small.

the new hat has a little loop on the top, but i will get a better photo later.  i’m glad i knit this up for him as it is so damn cold on the east coast.

i’ve been whining.  a little.

ok.  one more photo.  i just have to share how polite my little boy is.

’til then.

baby kick.

everyone seems to be having babies these days.  so i’ve been making baby stuff.

i’ve been knitting small hats and little thumbless gloves (the ones they recommend so your baby won’t poke their eyes out or scratch themselves).  i found this awesome stretchy sock yarn in unisex colors:

notice the pom pon.  i made it with my pom pon maker!

i’m making a few hooded towels knitted out of cotton yarn. super fast and easy:

oh and the ipad cozy i finished last week for my bosses wife.  i really like how it turned out.

during blocking .  the handle was hard to get flat (i know her husband would appreciate my methods):

yesterday i talked corinne (didn’t take much talking) into meeting me at joann’s and we got stuff for baby blankets.  luckily all the flannel prints were on sale!  i got enough fabric for three blankets for $18.

and put this one together last night in about an hour and a half – way too much ironing – but still an easy project!  this is for buku’s little brother who is due in june (i think).  he will also get the dino print one:

more to come!

let me know if you want instructions, i may be posting some on my etsy (which you should check out, lots of cool yarn for sale) soon.

’til then…

new fiber!

this weekend we escaped on friday night and stayed in girdwood.  they have a ton of snow and it was falling all night friday and then in the morning.  there were 9 of us in the cabin.  everyone else went to a bluegrass concert at the sitzmark so buku and i took advantage of the quiet time and stayed in with the dogs.

last night we went to the roller derby.  yes, anchorage has a roller derby – Rage City Rollergirls.  one of our survey friends is a member of the team.  it was so much fun though it was not a close game/match/bout(?).  we played a team from fairbanks.

this is the only photo i managed to get.  the girls move way too fast, and my action photography is not great!

i am way behind on all of my projects.  i managed to finish this hat while in hawaii.  i actually like it better than the first hat (even before i felted the crap out of it).

ANDi got my second month of fiber in the mail!  if you are a member of Lapoli‘s club, and you haven’t received yours yet, and you want to be surprised when your package comes (which i’m sure it already has – i am in alaska so was probably last to receive) STOP HERE.

around christmas, when i was learning to spin and got my wheel, i bought myself 3 months of fiber (12 oz. total of HANDPAINTED fluffiness) for a screaming deal.

i still have yet to finish spinning January’s fiber (see post).  receiving this beautiful fiber will definitely encourage me to get the first month spun up.  i love this fiber and was recently looking on etsy for a nice bright blue…

gotta get spinning!

’til then…


so i was talking to my mom today on the phone while i put in the hat from yesterdays post to felt.  and i overfelted it.  not by much, but it’s definitely not what i wanted it to do.  and it’s ribbed on the bottom, which gives it the fisherman effect.  not happy.  it still looks cool, but i liked how it looked yesterday.  wah.

so i started another one, but it’s going to have more gold because i’m running out of my green.  and its smaller.

i also felted these last night:

see this post to see how huge they were before.

and the koolaid scarf:

i’m holding the yarn double so it will be thicker.

and a picture of nootka a.k.a. tootka (she has the worst gas) a.k.a. nooty pants and her friend.  i took this of her over new years weekend (the only picture i managed to take since we discovered the sd card was left in the  computer) and think it’s hilarious.

’til then…