boat = endless projects.

the people who owned s/v willow boat before us were doing some major renovating.

all of the sailing related gear is new – new sails, deck paint, compass, radar, chart plotter, etc… the inside still needs some major aesthetic work, which we are fine with since we want to make it our own.

they had intentions of refinishing all of the teak, but painted all of their non-teak first so they could just sand off any drips of paint. they didn’t get to the teak hence the white splotches of paint on the floor, doors, etc… and i hate the white.

it looks so dirty and cheap.

they also ripped out the entire headliner. we have never done a headliner, but it’s pretty straight forward so we bought some vinyl at divi fabrics in christiansted to give it a try. the staples will eventually get replaced by some wood trim. it wasn’t too hard to measure and put up, but still needs some work on the edges and around the hatches.

it has already brightened up the boat quite a bit since the fiberglass behind it is so dark and the insulation is super ugly. .


and here are the little toy pockets we made for the little fish. they are held on by snaps so they can be easily removed for washing or if they get wet (we do live on a boat!).


other boat projects that will be completed in the near future:

new curtains. the current ones are fugly and the person who made them must have measured wrong initially because there is an extra panel sewed on the end that doesn’t match the rest of the curtain.

cushion covers. the current ones just suck. the sewing is horrible – they don’t have zippers so you can’t wash the covers. the person who made them sewed the cushion inside! and they are just a boring navy blue sunbrella type fabric. boring.

these two things will make all the difference in how the boat looks on the inside. we haven’t bought any fabric yet, but hope to do so in the next month.

sorry i haven’t posted anything fiber related lately.

my wheel is still in pieces from the move to the boat.

rudder takes up all my knitting time.

i tend to stay away from knitting while i’m doing lots of yoga (knitting kills my right wrist, and i do a lot of yoga in the caribbean).

and it’s too humid and hot to work with wool in these parts!

i will get back on it eventually, especially since we will be travelling to alaska for my sister’s wedding. and we are roadtripping it up there.

i do have some alpaca to share with you in the next post or so. i plan on spindle spinning it – and my spindles are in the box with the wheel, which is shoved in some random space on the boat, where i’m sure you have to take everything out in order to reach it. ah, boat life.

’til then.






We are in culebra, PR right now.  Its a nice little island where the groceries are somewhat limited, but super cheap, at least compared to the USVI. 

We took an hour + ferry ride over to fajardo on wednesday.  It only cost $2.25 per person!  Fajardo is where the action is- walmart, marine stores, mall shops. Its like what ketchikan is to wrangell.  So naturally we hit up the walmart to get some odds and ends- fabric, tools, etc. that you can’t find in st. croix.  And ran across the street to west marine as well for some over priced boat crap.

Yesterday we put our new little gas generator and sewing machine to work.  It worked great and we were able to complete a few projects.  The most important being a sunshade for our cockpit.  Ol’ annalisa (the old boat) had a nice canvas bimini to shade from the sun, willow (which the spanish speaking people pronounce wee-yow) has a huge unprotected cockpit.  I made a shade to hang over the boom using some discounted $2 per yard walmart fabric, some webbing, and d-rings.

We also made some pockets to snap onto the bottom of the interior benches for rudders toys to free up some space for more books in our book shelves.

The weather has been a little cloudy.  There has been some thunder and lightning in the evenings.  I enjoy the much needed rain – i set out the dirty cloth diapers and let the rain wash them to conserve our fresh water.  And the deck gets washed!  Win, win.

I will post pictures of the pockets tomorrow, along with some headliner work we did today.

’til then.

A new machine.

I love my new sewing machine. I’m sure, in the future, I will run into a project it will not be able handle, but for now, I love it. the true test will be re-covering our boat cushions.

I bought a janome sewist 500.

It’s a little spendier than my past machines, but they were junk. They were both brothers. I liked them for simple things- baby blankets, fancy embroidery, etc, but they could not handle more than three layers of the thinnest fabrics. They were just super basic and super light machines.

They both jumped all over the table when I sewed.

One thing I did like was the option of using the foot pedal or push button to sew. I prefer the foot pedal since I learned to sew with one. I also feel like I have more control. The push button controls are convenient if you don’t have a proper table to sew at.

For example, when you are sewing cushion covers for your first boat, the s/v annalisa and your tiny queens studio apartment doesn’t have room for a proper desk/table so you decide to dine ‘japanese’ style.  it is very difficult to sew with a foot pedal using a table that is shorter than a coffee table!  when i find the photo of me sewing those cushion covers, i will post it.

So last night I tried out the new machine to sew a few simple, but very important sailing projects. A lee cloth and a man-overboard flag.

A lee cloth holds you in a bunk when the boat heels to the opposite side.

A man-overboard flag goes on a buoy with a light attached and is thrown in the water as close as possible to an overboard person so you can mark their position and attempt to save them.

the new machine worked great.

i love this machine.  for now.


’til then.

dirty laundry.

it’s laundry day.
when the diaper bucket is full, that’s our cue.  we have been cloth diapering for awhile now.

i love it.

no blow-outs and no buying diapers!

and it’s raining and b has some boat projects he needs to get done, so we’ve been chillin’ in the marina laundry room.

here is a sweater i made for the little fish (very recent photo – he’s almost 4 months old now).  it is from the f.pea knitting blog, click for pattern.  i have actually knit two, but gave one to rudder’s cousin who is three months older.

i never did get a button sewn on.  i had another cardigan ready, but didn’t get it blocked and finished before he grew out of it.

do you know how hard it is to find mini wood toggles without ordering off the internet?  i swear, when i find some i’m going to stock up!

oh, and i wanted to share his halloween costume.  i know, when he was a little tiny thing, he didn’t need the hat to pull off yoda….

i made the hat out of a fleece remnant i found at joanns.  it is loosely based on this tutorial though i stuffed the ears with grocery bags to make them stick out.  the  robe is made out of a tote bag that was lying around the house.  his dad made him the light saber fashioned out of a glow stick (cut the tip off, add a little duct tape and sharpie some buttons on).  total cost, under $5 and it took literally less than 20 minutes.  the cutest yoda, and possibly the cutest halloween costume ever!   😉

’til then.



a rainy day full of announcements.

i haven’t been on here in so long that i almost forgot how to post!

everything is well, it’s just been harder to post with the nicer, longer alaska summer days, weekend warrior trips, working full time, and my never ending want/need to take naps after work!  but today is a rainy, dreary day so here i am.

anyway, to explain my tiredness and the blog being the last thing on my mind:  buku (my partner for the past six years) and i are expecting our first child the first week of october!

we are ready and very excited about it – though, it might come out saying “duuuude” as that’s what b says in reference to the growing belly.  we are planning a home, water birth through Geneva Woods Midwifery and Womens Clinic.  they are amazing ladies and we have friends and acquaintances who have had incredible birth experiences through them.  i actually just bought some cloth diapers on craigslist from a lady who had the same midwife as i, and talked to her about her experience for awhile.

so far the pregnancy has been great!  and i’m not sugar coating it.  it’s made me more calm then i’ve ever been.  i didn’t have any of the typical pregnancy symptoms – morning sickness, crazy hormones (ok, maybe like twice), weird cravings, hunger issues, etc..  i don’t really feel pregnant other than being able to fall asleep easily, the expanding belly and milk factory, and the kicks from the inside!  my abilities at work start to wane at around 330pm, but i try to get in there early enough so i’m not completely useless by that time of day…

anyway, enough about being pregnant, i’m sure you will hear more (if i can get it together to blog a little more)!

and an even more important announcement:

buku’s little brother had a baby boy yesterday – i’m an aunt!  tristin michael:

i have been in the garden and sewing a lot.  mostly baby blankets and burp rags as gifts (many friends are expecting) and a few things for myself!  a few friends and i also tie-dyed some onesies (the weird one piece contraptions with the buttons at the crotch – for those of you who don’t know – JODY!).  i will post pics soon.  just want to get this posted.

’til then…