foto friday.


Ketchikan walmart this past July. Rudder’s first ballpit!


aloha vacation #2. ethan and oahu.

January 26.

we were going to go to hanauma bay to snorkel, but of all days, it’s closed on tuesday.  so we (ethan, buku and i) decided to take a walk from our hotel and we ended up at diamond head.  it was quite the walk and then we did the hike up up up the crater.

some pictures:

ethan being cool:

you enter through the tunnel to get into the park:

first of two sets of stairs:


waikiki from the top:

another mon:

i don’t know how this girl made it up and then back down in these boots.  it was painful to watch her walk:

the tunnel out.  we had a date with the dole cannery theatre at 330pm to watch avatar in imax 3d!

hanauma bay tomorrow!


aloha vacation #1. maui upcountry.

January 16.

i never thought i would be so cold in hawaii (for the record, i’m always cold, but in hawaii?).

we are staying up in gale and margaret’s cottage in kula which is up the mountain a ways.  it’s around 50 degrees in the morning!  i guess i didn’t realize that you could find the two extremes in hawaii because it’s always pictured as this really hot, tropical place.  i LOVE it upcountry though.  it’s so green and lush (until you get up to the crater).

today was a beach/rest day.  we have blisters (buku’s on his lips, mine on my feet).  and we finally get to see margaret tonight and eat yummy filipino dinner!

we went to makena beach.  we drove into lahaina (very touristy).  we caught the sunset on a beach somewhere between lahaina and kihei.

hawaii is all about the sunsets: