Yak .

Another beautiful day in yakutat- and I’m not being sarcastic!



Still in Yakutat for work…. not a whole lot of time for knitting….. working on a scarf and a hat. Yakutat is #2, behind Ketchikan, for the most annual precipitation. and i’ve had to work in it for the past three days. turn the faucet off!

Yak bound.

On the way to Yakutat for work. On the plane. Flying to southeast is so beautiful- especially on a clear day- you can see the glaciers and mountains for miles. This weather is unbelievable. My family in Wisconsin and Minnesota have already reported snow! Yesterday the snow on the mountains in anchorage disappeared.

Back to the Tongass and the ocean! I have a knit order in tow and a few small projects. It’s good to be out of the city!