on the last days of 2011.

This is what we have been doing.




the baby sophisticate.


there is no seaming involved which is always a plus.

i always look for ‘no seaming’ when picking out a pattern.

i wanted wooden toggles, but i have always had a hard time finding small ones for baby projects that look like actual toggles.

these were good enough and i actually like the two-tone look of them.


i also used a DK weight yarn instead of a worsted yarn since we are headed to warmer climates soon – i hope – we better be!

since i used a DK yarn, i stretched it a little when i blocked it.

now if only my little model would wake up!

’til then.

Little traveler.


At four months old(he’s six months now) rudder had been to 13 states (most of them driven through) and a US territory.  And this is not counting layovers in airports.

We sailed over to puerto rico on saturday where he got to show his passport for the first time.  We went from the US to the US, but since we arrived by sea, all crew have to check in.  and he is crew.  🙂  so add a commonwealth to his list!

It was also his first sail (and mine on our new boat), and it was quite a roly one.  He did well, but did not like being left alone when I had to be on deck to help his dad.  He took lots of long naps.  I think he will be like me and won’t be able to keep his eyes open on boats!

We spent two nights in culebrita.  One of the days was a nice wet one.  The anchorages are really beautiful over there and there are turtles everywhere, though it has become a popular spot, especially on sundays.  We sailed to the same anchorage two years ago and it was quiet.  It was just us and our friends on their boat.  Now there are mooring balls for boats to hook up to meaning lots of locals and BEES!  The bees were so bad we had to put a towel over our companionway.

’til then.

Ms. Sydney Ann.

A beautiful, big baby, Sydney Ann was born on October 1st at 713pm. Mom is doing amazing – walking around all motherly – so cute. and after a natural birth!! she is incredible! She was 9lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long, and a full head of blond hair – even a little duck tail. she will outgrow the cardigan in no time. i better start making another one.


for knitters, this means finished objects. some knitters make only socks, or only lace, and some stick to simple scarves or hats. i don’t really fit into any of  these categories.   i like to make things with a pattern since i get bored easily. most of the stuff I make is for gifts, so I tend to knit whatever i think that particular person will like. and being in my late 20s, i have many friends increasing the size of their family – so i’ve been knitting a lot of baby stuff – which i enjoy, since everything is really cute, soft and small, and sometimes i even think, ‘maybe i should stash this for my future child.’

most of the links below are to the ravelry site where you can print/buy/view the pattern – i believe you have to be a member to access these.  i will try to add links to weird words for the non-knitters who may be reading this.

below is a cardigan i made for one of my bffs who is having a little girl any day now.

Sydney's cardigan

and i made these for her most deserving mother:broken needle socks.

i started the socks this last winter while living aboard our boat in the Caribbean.  i started them on a bamboo circular using the magic loop method.  it is so humid and sweaty there that wood needles tend to be sticky, so one broke.  the Caribbean is very limited in knitting needle stock (i can’t imagine why?) so i waited until i returned to the states and finally finished them out at ‘degnarly’ – our friends remote cabin.

I made this baby poncho for a friend of mine who had a girl this summer.  His last name is Luck.  Lucky baby poncho

since i have been totally procrastinating on buku’s sweater – and NO i’m not afraid of the ‘boyfriend sweater’ curse – i crocheted and felted him some loafer slippers.  i have yet to make myself a pair.


and below is another baby poncho.  i just found out today that they want to feature it on the pattern page on ravelry.  Trust me, it’s not because of the poncho ( the link is for the pattern on the lion brand yarn page, not the ravelry link), it’s because my cousins daughter is the cutest baby on the planet!


that’s all for now.  i have many more that i want to share, but this is all the blogging i can handle for today.