projectile vomit.

we are in the states.

blech (the weather, airports, the crowds, bad air…).

but i was ready to travel again and see some family.

about to make our trek back up to ak.

we did dc last week and are now in the desert.

i am almost done with a little sweater for rudd.  way cute too.

i cut off my dredlock – about a foot of nasty, sundried, ratty hair.

i miss it already, but the ability to run my fingers through my hair is really nice.

have been frisbee golfing, geocaching, lots of family fun, and yoga time.

my sister in law is a colorist at toni and guy in colorado springs (she is in the desert visiting) and she is going to do something magical to my hair soon.

she is a hair magician.

the little dude just got a new carseat less than a week ago and has already covered it in vomit twice.


so gross, considering i didn’t clean up any puke until now as he was not a puker.

he caught the bug that is going around the states.

poor guy.  and he’s getting in his 15th tooth.

luckily he’s not in too bad of a mood.

’til then.