projectile vomit.

we are in the states.

blech (the weather, airports, the crowds, bad air…).

but i was ready to travel again and see some family.

about to make our trek back up to ak.

we did dc last week and are now in the desert.

i am almost done with a little sweater for rudd.  way cute too.

i cut off my dredlock – about a foot of nasty, sundried, ratty hair.

i miss it already, but the ability to run my fingers through my hair is really nice.

have been frisbee golfing, geocaching, lots of family fun, and yoga time.

my sister in law is a colorist at toni and guy in colorado springs (she is in the desert visiting) and she is going to do something magical to my hair soon.

she is a hair magician.

the little dude just got a new carseat less than a week ago and has already covered it in vomit twice.


so gross, considering i didn’t clean up any puke until now as he was not a puker.

he caught the bug that is going around the states.

poor guy.  and he’s getting in his 15th tooth.

luckily he’s not in too bad of a mood.

’til then.


he’s sophisticated.

yesterday was a beautiful fall day.

so i put rudder’s new cardigan on him and we took a walk.

the hotel we are at (where b’s office is) is right near Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.

when we were here a few weeks ago, there were canadian geese and sandhill cranes covering the fields.

a few days ago, we saw two or three cranes.

yesterday there were no migratory birds to be seen.


he’s very close to walking. he does a really funny wide leg shuffle.


how ’bout them fall colors, eh?

and it was high 60s. and today maybe 50.

it’s supposed to be mixed snow and rain on sunday, so we are planning to drive back to anchorage on saturday morning.


there are many trails around these fields, but we decided to wander the boreal forest for a few photos. the trees look like they go on for miles and miles, but they don’t. this forest is haunting when walking through at dusk.


hey mom, have you seen these crunchy brown leaves and this grass?  it’s so amazing!


ok mom.  are we done with the photoshoot?  pretty tired here.


oh, but we are home and dad’s here. i’ll wake up now.


’til then.


the baby sophisticate.


there is no seaming involved which is always a plus.

i always look for ‘no seaming’ when picking out a pattern.

i wanted wooden toggles, but i have always had a hard time finding small ones for baby projects that look like actual toggles.

these were good enough and i actually like the two-tone look of them.


i also used a DK weight yarn instead of a worsted yarn since we are headed to warmer climates soon – i hope – we better be!

since i used a DK yarn, i stretched it a little when i blocked it.

now if only my little model would wake up!

’til then.

attn: fiber lovers!

i know this is WAY late, but if you love fiber, head down to the ConocoPhillips Atrium at 700 G. St. and check out the vendors at the Fiber Festival.

i met some really nice people down there with really beautiful hand dyed fiber and yarn for really great prices.
there are booths with other trinkets (spindles, stitch markers, buttons) and hand sewn items as well.  on exhibit are some very beautiful and interesting garments, quilts, and art pieces.

this event was very poorly advertised, and i  was lucky to remember it at the last minute.  it will be open until 5pm this evening— so hurry!

i will post my finds shortly.

’til then…

all wound up.

today i went through some of my stash and re-wound a lot of my scraps and balls of yarn.

i realized that i have way too much yarn and unfinished projects.  i will be spinning and knitting more before i buy more yarn (i’ll at least try!).

i have yarn here:


and here:

and more in my closet in the bedroom…  i don’t have nearly as much as other people, but it’s still a lot of unused yarn!

i finished this:

but still have to weave in ends and block it.

sorry, i had to change the header on my page.  i love the picture i had up, but it’s so blurry.  let me know what you think.  i know i will be tempted to put the other one back up, but i will fix it first!

please check out my etsy page for new items in the near future!  i have also reduced the prices of my yarn!

’til then…


so i was talking to my mom today on the phone while i put in the hat from yesterdays post to felt.  and i overfelted it.  not by much, but it’s definitely not what i wanted it to do.  and it’s ribbed on the bottom, which gives it the fisherman effect.  not happy.  it still looks cool, but i liked how it looked yesterday.  wah.

so i started another one, but it’s going to have more gold because i’m running out of my green.  and its smaller.

i also felted these last night:

see this post to see how huge they were before.

and the koolaid scarf:

i’m holding the yarn double so it will be thicker.

and a picture of nootka a.k.a. tootka (she has the worst gas) a.k.a. nooty pants and her friend.  i took this of her over new years weekend (the only picture i managed to take since we discovered the sd card was left in the  computer) and think it’s hilarious.

’til then…


i finally finished the scarf at friday night knitting.

and started this:

and finished it:

look familiar?  the green is my self-striping experiment yarn!  see this post.

it was awesome to knit up- the handspun was so light and slippery.  i didn’t want the gold to overpower the green so i only purled one row of it.  it needs to be felted down a little since it doesn’t fit even me.  i have a small head, but i think celia’s is probably even smaller – she’s teeny.

i hung out with stephanie last night and today.   we went to far north yarn co. to further deplete my christmas credit and give sydney a little taste of the yarn store.

i have a few things cookin’.  excited about starting a hat for buku – i never make him anything and always feel bad!  i picked out some manly colors and will do a hat like the one above.    the blue is for though.

one of my first posts was of this cardigan for sydney:

she was a big baby at birth and grew out of it so fast!  she is 3 and a half months old.

on the bobbins:


i took all of my yarn off today, except the unfinished one.  i got 220 yards from the baby alpaca/bombyx.  it’s gorgeous.  i also unwound 165 yards of worsted superwash mixed with exotic sparkly angora.  i have one more bobbin full that i will unwind tomorrow.  i will post pictures when they are both dry.

i’m going to crochet this into a scarf today.  it is the yarn that i dyed with koolaid a while back.  it is so pretty and sparkly.  i’m making it for my cousins daughter who is super cute and hopefully girly.  this is really girly yarn!

’til then…