no santa.

so, i’ve been slacking in the ‘foto friday’ department, and pretty much on the blog itself.

hopefully this photo heavy post will make up for it.

ah well. we’ve been busy:

picking and eating carambola (starfruit).IMG_20111127_082738.jpg

dancing with mocko jumbies at jump-up (sorry, crap photo, they move too fast).IMG_20111125_201457.jpg

dinghy riding around the anchorages in puerto rico.IMG_20111206_124444.jpg

bathing in the cockpit with cookie monster in ensenada honda in culebra.IMG_20111206_123707.jpg

carrying mom’s water bottle with a goggles strap.IMG_20111209_144707.jpg

playing with the best toy from auntie kiki.IMG_20111215_085013.jpg

practicing “sticking up his dukes” for when he meets uncle john and his grumpa again. and has also acquired several muscle tees after mom cut the sleeves off most of his t-shirts. IMG_20111212_173715.jpg

drilling at our mooring in pela.IMG_20111215_163924.jpg

acting like cookie monster – and growing teeth (9 total now, including two top molars!).IMGP9502.JPG

eating snacks at flamenco beach.IMGP9506.JPG

swimming with dad at flamenco beach.IMGP9507.JPG

checking out the tanks at flamenco beach with mom.IMGP9540.JPG

reading lots of books with dad and shaggy (rudder’s favorite thing to do, especially when teething).IMGP9586.JPG

going snorkeling with the turtles and barracuda at culebrita.IMG_20111213_151019.jpg

hiking to the culebrita lighthouse and geocaching.IMGP9566.JPG


trying to get a good family self-portrait up at the culebrita lighthouse since it has amazing lighting.IMGP9577.JPG

getting back rides from dad.IMGP9579.JPG

making tortillas from scratch with our new (6 months ago) press.IMGP9548.JPG

rudder eating black olives from his fingers like his mom used to – okay, she still does.IMGP9552.JPG

making our christmas tree out of a hanging fruit basket we were about to throw away. like that storage on the inside?? 🙂IMGP9562.JPG

buying new $40 kicks from journey in fajardo since we haven’t gotten our boxes with our tennis shoes from tucson yet.IMGP9608.JPG

running around in his new t-shirt-turned-muscle tee. he thinks it’s pretty funny. mostly because he loves ketchup, and knows there is ketchup on his shirt.IMGP9627.JPG

so yeah, we’ve been busy.

internet is always spotty when we are here (in salt river in st. croix, not in culebra – 3G is amazing in culebra)and if there is no wind, the batteries don’t get charged…..when the batteries don’t get charged, no computer!

we have been in puerto rico since early december and the christmas winds have been around, meaning there has not been a lack of wind this month. which i am mostly grateful for since we get to run the fridge.

yes, we have a fridge. and it’s awesome. it makes ice. and freezes otter pops for teething toddlers. IMGP9591.JPG

and you can put magnets on it! i was giddy about this discovery.IMGP9488.JPG

there were a few days where i was wishing for the wind to at least mellow out since it makes for really wet and crazy dinghy rides.

oh yeah, the title of the blog.

rudder has not seen santa yet this year. i’m bummed.

we are in ensenada honda (an anchorage near isla de culebra) near the town of dewey. there is a christmas gift thing for the kids today at 2pm, so i’m hoping some form of santa claus will be there. i had a few opportunities when we were in st. croix, but one i forgot about because we were doing this:IMG_20111127_160728.jpg

and the other was at the botanical gardens, and i didn’t see santa anywhere. IMG_20111204_155235.jpg

so that’s what we have been up to the past three weeks. pretty fun stuff. we plan to be back in st.croix before january 7th to watch the crucian christmas adult parade.

though i could stay here forever.

it will be a nice laid back christmas. i have plans to make some sushi tonight and possibly a pumpkin spice cake (because s/v willow has an oven!) today or tomorrow.

oh, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts! these were a favorite of my brother john at christmas and one of the things that he would make. i felt i needed something to remind me of home other than the canned smoked salmon (which we do not eat at holidays).

no pierogis this year….the dough has never held up in this weather, and with only three of us eating them, seems like too much work!

merry christmas.

’til then.


boat = endless projects.

the people who owned s/v willow boat before us were doing some major renovating.

all of the sailing related gear is new – new sails, deck paint, compass, radar, chart plotter, etc… the inside still needs some major aesthetic work, which we are fine with since we want to make it our own.

they had intentions of refinishing all of the teak, but painted all of their non-teak first so they could just sand off any drips of paint. they didn’t get to the teak hence the white splotches of paint on the floor, doors, etc… and i hate the white.

it looks so dirty and cheap.

they also ripped out the entire headliner. we have never done a headliner, but it’s pretty straight forward so we bought some vinyl at divi fabrics in christiansted to give it a try. the staples will eventually get replaced by some wood trim. it wasn’t too hard to measure and put up, but still needs some work on the edges and around the hatches.

it has already brightened up the boat quite a bit since the fiberglass behind it is so dark and the insulation is super ugly. .


and here are the little toy pockets we made for the little fish. they are held on by snaps so they can be easily removed for washing or if they get wet (we do live on a boat!).


other boat projects that will be completed in the near future:

new curtains. the current ones are fugly and the person who made them must have measured wrong initially because there is an extra panel sewed on the end that doesn’t match the rest of the curtain.

cushion covers. the current ones just suck. the sewing is horrible – they don’t have zippers so you can’t wash the covers. the person who made them sewed the cushion inside! and they are just a boring navy blue sunbrella type fabric. boring.

these two things will make all the difference in how the boat looks on the inside. we haven’t bought any fabric yet, but hope to do so in the next month.

sorry i haven’t posted anything fiber related lately.

my wheel is still in pieces from the move to the boat.

rudder takes up all my knitting time.

i tend to stay away from knitting while i’m doing lots of yoga (knitting kills my right wrist, and i do a lot of yoga in the caribbean).

and it’s too humid and hot to work with wool in these parts!

i will get back on it eventually, especially since we will be travelling to alaska for my sister’s wedding. and we are roadtripping it up there.

i do have some alpaca to share with you in the next post or so. i plan on spindle spinning it – and my spindles are in the box with the wheel, which is shoved in some random space on the boat, where i’m sure you have to take everything out in order to reach it. ah, boat life.

’til then.